Master’s Degree in Teacher Development for Content and Language Integrated Learning (MEd CLIL)

Master’s Degree in Teacher Development for Foreign Language Education (MEd FLE)

Postgraduate Certificate in Content and Language Integrated Learning (PC CLIL)

Given an increasingly globalized world, the need for students to be able to communicate in foreign languages (FL) within the education system has made it essential to take a fresh look at teaching and introduce innovative methods into the foreign language classroom. One new approach that has proven very effective is Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), whereby students are taught non-language subjects such as physics, music or social through the medium of the foreign language. this is not intended to replace the regular language classroom but rather to complement it by offering further exposure to and practice with the foreign language in a context that is less self-consciously language-oriented. CLIL therefore implies close cooperation and coordination between teachers of the foreign language in question and teachers of the non-language CLIL subjects.

Our degree programmes are a response to the pressing social need to enhance the professional skills of teachers who teach foreign languages in infant, primary and secondary education, and also those teachers at any level of the education system who aspire to teach any academic subject using a foreign language, mainly but not exclusively English, as a vehicle for learning.

An additional goal of the master’s programme is to provide participants with tools for their own professional development in both theoretical and practical directions as well as to become familiar with teacher-education strategies to act as instructors in Foreign Language (FL) or CLIL teacher-education programmes.

Now being offered for the fourth year in a row, the shortest of these programmes is the Postgraduate Certificate in CLIL. It is aimed at primary and secondary teachers of any academic subject who are working within the Catalan school system and is intended to meet the current need for well-trained and innovative teachers who are part of the school system and are fully involved in a school project.

  1.     Master’s Degree in Teacher Development for Content and Language Integrated Learning (MEd CLIL).
  2.     Master’s Degree in Teacher Development for Foreign Language Education (MEd FLE).

Each itinerary consists of nine modules. Once students complete modules 1 to 5, they can obtain the Postgraduate Certificate in CLIL (PC CLIL).

Both master’s degrees and the postgraduate certificate are university credentials officially recognised by the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Education.

For those who are currently teaching within the Catalan school system, completion of either of the master’s degrees or the postgraduate programme constitutes official validation of the professional linguistic profile in foreign language: CLIL required by the Catalan Department of Education.