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Are these programmes (MEd CLIL, MEd FLE and PC CLIL) recognised by the Catalan government’s Departament d’Ensenyament?

Yes. They are fully recognised by the Departament d’Ensenyament.

Will all of these programmes (including the Postgraduate Certificate) serve to activate my professional linguistic profile in CLIL by Departament d’Ensenyament?

Yes. However, more importantly they will prove truly valuable in preparing you to teach confidently in English.

If I register for either of the master’s degrees, can I obtain the Postgraduate Certificate once I have completed the requirements for it?


I have already obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in CLIL in a previous edition. Can I get credit for that coursework?

Yes. You can then register directly for Modules 6 through 9 of either of the Master’s Degrees. This second part is worth 30 ECTS and the fee is €1,980. On-campus sessions take place on Wednesdays.

I have not obtained the B2 certificate of competence in English yet but I believe I have B2 level command of English. Can I register for these Master’s Degree or Postgraduate programmes?

You can enrol and follow the programme, but in order to obtain the Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Certificate, you must submit the official B2 Certificate (or higher) before 1 June.

I obtained the B2 certificate five years ago. Has it expired?

No. Official B2 certificates do not expire for the purpose of our programmes.

Can I do my internship at the school where I am currently a teacher?

Yes, as long as the school allows you to do so.

I do not currently work in a school. Will you find a school where I can do my internship?


What topics should the Master’s Dissertation be about?

It should be a limited-scope evidence-based study that will serve to enhance your professional development as a CLIL/FLE teacher or CLIL/FLE teacher-educator. The study may take the form of a report directed at a particular educational institution (such as the school where you are currently teaching) identifying specific educational needs or presenting an innovative action or improvement plan with guidelines for its implementation and evaluation. For example:

  • Identify the needs of an educational institution (i.e. your school).
  • Create an innovative action plan or an improvement plan with guidelines to track and evaluate the programme.

When do the programme’s class sessions start? When do they finish?

They start in October. They finish in May.

Will enrolment commit me to attending on-campus sessions every Wednesday and Friday throughout the duration of the programme?

In general yes, though there are a few elective workshops for which you will have some choice of date.

What will the timetable for our internship be?

The internship timetable will be adapted to your availability.

When will I have to submit the Master’s Dissertation?

You may submit it on either 30 June or 30 September.

If I register for one of the Master’s Degree programmes, can I submit the Master’s Dissertation after the summer break?

Yes. In this case the submission deadline is 30 September.

Is it compulsory to attend on-campus lessons?

In order to pass any module, you must have attended at least 80% of the on-campus sessions.

I am a former student and obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in CLIL at the UAB in a previous year and would now like to register for one of the Master’s Degree programmes. What do I have to do?

In this case you will follow a special route. Please contact us at master.clil@uab.cat and we will tell you how to proceed.

I already have a master’s degree. Do I have to pay extra for the credits if I register for one of these master’s degree programmes?

No. There is no extra charge. All students pay the same amount.

Will these credentials help me improve my position on the Departament d’Ensenyament’s substitute list? And will they give me points towards the official public teacher qualifying exams (oposicions)?

The UAB issues a UAB-specific Master’s Degree and/or Postgraduate Diploma. Whether these credentials count for points in any public or private competitive process varies from case to case and year to year. You will need to check the specific requirements for each context.

At the end of the application form it says that a certified copy of my prior university degree must be sent by mail or submitted in person at the Escola de Postgrau. Can I certify the copy there?

Concerning certified copies or any other administrative issues, please contact the Escola de Postgrau at ep.automatricula@uab.cat or phone 93 5814328.

I completed the GEP 1 CLIL course offered by the Catalan government’s Departament d’Ensenyament and I am currently doing CLIL in my school. Will I get any accreditation in your programme for this?

Unfortunately, the existing legislation regarding postgraduate courses does not permit any credit validation, either for prior education or for a prior internship. If you want to obtain our Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Certificate diploma, you will therefore have to register for and complete all the modules. However, once you are enrolled, you can ask for recognition of some specific competences and a board will examine your documentation. If their opinion is favourable to your petition, you will be exempted from submitting stipulated assessment tasks.