Those who complete the CLIL teaching itinerary will be able to:

  • Plan their particular subject content through using innovative approaches based on the pedagogic principles of the CLIL approach.
  • Devise and adapt materials for the CLIL classroom that are appropriate to the level of cognitive and linguistic development of their particular group of learners, incorporating the pedagogic principles of content-rich approaches.
  • Find, select and if necessary adapt multimodal, multimedia and technological resources either as sources of academic information or as tools for communication.
  • Handle in the foreign language the full range of classroom activities and serve as models for language use and interaction strategies, but also use it to create a climate of close emotional support and rich intellectual endeavour in the classroom.
  • Evaluate student progress and the achievement of learning goals in an integrated fashion.
  • Develop skills for life-long professional self-development.
  • Serve as instructors in CLIL teacher-education programmes.
  • Use the foreign language for all purposes in the classroom (content instruction but also classroom management, emotional support and so on) and generate quality academic conversations leading to the learning of content and language.